1. Can you swim with Duukies Beachsocks? Yes, unlike normal, old-fashioned water shoes, you can swim with Duukies Beachsocks because they are water permeable and do not get heavy.

2. Are the sizes large or small? Duukies Beach Socks run small. They are double sizes and we always recommend choosing a size larger than your shoe size.

3. From what age can you use Duukies Beach Socks? From crawling up to shoe size 44-45!

4. My Duukies Beach Socks wear out so quickly? Duukies Beach Socks are socks and not shoes that you can walk all the way through. They do not have a thick rubber sole, because you cannot swim with heavy shoes. You can use them without problems on the beach, by the pool, in the garden or at the campsite, but not as shoes to walk along the board-walk …;)

5. Can I exchange if the size is not right? Of course! You can always return them with the supplied form. Return shipping costs are for the buyer, we will send a new pair free of charge.

6. The prices differ in different countries? That may be correct, unfortunately we have no influence on the price, a retailer can determine this himself. Ofcourse we do provide guidelines.

7. Why are the models for children high and for adults low? Because children can often lose the low beach socks when playing and / or swimming. In this way they stay in place without pinching.

8. Can I wash the beach socks? You can treat the Duukies Beach Socks just like you treat your swimwear. Preferably wash in lukewarm water, or in the washing machine at a low temperature. Do not put them in the dryer, they will not be happy!

9. Where are Duukies Beach Socks produced? Duukies Beach Socks are designed in the Netherlands and produced in China.